Transforming Healthcare Delivery for Joint Replacement

Pulse transforms the entire post-hospital care episode for hip and knee replacement patients. Value-Based Care Initiatives such as the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (“CJR”) model have prompted a long overdue attention shift to the post-acute services and care. With this new model, it’s all the more important to better manage and coordinate care.

The Pulse platform works with patients, providers and hospitals to optimize the management of post-operative care for hip and knee replacement patients. A vast number of built-in tools and customizability allow the recovery to be patient-focused but provider-driven, with a seamless and simple interface. Pulse is a revolutionary healthcare platform designed for a continuously evolving healthcare environment.

Road to Recovery

A Platform Designed by Joint Replacement Providers, Patients, and Hospitals

Provider Benefits

User Friendly

The Pulse Dashboard has been beautifully designed so provider teams can efficiently manage a large joint replacement patient population with an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface


Providers have maximal flexibility and ease of developing care plans for their patients joint recovery

Risk Management

The ability to monitor patients and be alerted of potential issues before they become major complications

Patients Benefits


Patients can easily track their joint recovery and monitor their recovery on a daily basis

Direct Communication

Tools for patients and provider teams to facilitate communication so questions and answers can be conveyed rapidly and easily

Content Library

A dedicated library of original content to guide patients through their entire joint recovery process

Value-Based Joint Care

Value-Based Care isn’t just about decreasing cost. Its about our patients doing better after they have a procedure. This means reducing complications, minimizing readmissions, all while keeping our patients as satisfied as possible and having the best possible outcome of the joint replacement. Pulse allows for proactive patient assessment and provider customized patient education which facilitates reduced necessity of home and outpatient based post-acute services such as physical therapy and home nursing.

  • Observed savings of 40% or more of post-acute care cost
  • Reduced Complications, reduced readmissions
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Increased provider touch points with every patient

Benefits Multiple Stakeholders

The best healthcare outcomes require a coordinated effort

Patient-Focused Recovery

The platform is focused on patients so that they can recover as best as possible. The key to a successful recovery is calming fears, eliminating the unknown, and improving communication. With that in mind, our platform guides patients day-by-day to ensure the simplest and most optimal recovery possible.

Provider Driven Care

Countless providers (including surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, and orthopaedic team members) have been consulted to design a platform that provides relevant information and patient data in a functional and usable way. This allows the provider teams to stay pro-active in their patients’ recovery.

Hospital Centered Outcomes

Research has shown that when patients are engaged in their health and recovery, outcomes are better. CJR is quickly shifting healthcare to a value-based payment structure and Pulse has been developed for hospitals to improve outcomes, reduce costs, thereby creating value.

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